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By Maria Michelini

April 11th 2024

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New AI Models with Superhuman Cognition: Meta and OpenAI Pushing Boundaries

April 11th 2024

Despite significant progress in artificial intelligence (AI) in the last few years, machines still can't do everything as well as humans.

However, all of that might come soon as Meta and OpenAI prepare to launch AI models capable of advanced reasoning and planning, a key milestone for AI.

Meta has announced the imminent launch of Llama 3, while OpenAI is set to release its next-generation model, potentially named GPT-5, according to reports from the Financial Times.

It’s Meta's goal to improve AI models beyond only conversational ability, by integrating reasoning, planning, and memory capabilities. Industry experts noted that current AI systems excel at discrete, singular tasks, but remain confined within narrow functional boundaries. Yet, as technology companies race to develop generative AI capable of producing human-like content across various domains, advancements continue to accelerate.

The integration of reasoning and planning into AI models represents a crucial step toward achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) – a level of cognition comparable to human intelligence. By incorporating reasoning capabilities, AI models can explore potential solutions and plan actions to anticipate the consequences of their decisions.

Meta intends to implement its upcoming AI model across platforms such as WhatsApp and its Ray-Ban smart glasses, adapting to diverse applications and devices. Similarly, OpenAI is expected to unveil improvements in the next iteration of its GPT model, suggesting enhanced capability.

At a recent event in London, Meta's chief product officer, Chris Cox, showcased the potential of integrating AI assistants, powered by Llama 3, into everyday scenarios. From repairing broken appliances to assisting travel arrangements, these AI-powered assistants will revolutionise our digital lives.

As these advancements unfold, the era of AI-driven assistance and decision-making draws closer, reshaping the landscape of human-machine interaction.

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