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Crafting Success in Fashion Marketing: Lessons from the Best

November 29th 2023

In today's article, we'll take a closer look at two remarkable fashion brands, Jacquemus and Corteiz, and their brilliant marketing strategies. As a continuation of our previous exploration of the top 5 affiliate marketing niches, where we identified fashion as one of the most captivating realms, we'll delve into the innovative approaches these brands have employed. By examining their success stories, we'll uncover valuable lessons that can be applied to the affiliate marketing industry.

Corteiz's Marketing Magic: Combining HYPE, MYSTERY, and EXCLUSIVITY

Corteiz's approach to marketing is nothing short of unconventional, and it's this very uniqueness that sets them apart in the fashion industry. Instead of sticking to traditional drop dates and the usual hype-building tactics, they thrive on an air of mystery. Their unpredictable release schedules keep fans on their toes, creating a devoted following that constantly checks the brand's social media for updates, driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO).  

An example of this strategy can be seen in an event organised by Corteiz called "Da Great Bolo Exchange."

The brand shared coordinates on their social media along with instructions to bring an authentic branded down jacket in reasonable condition. In exchange, you receive one of Corteiz’s new Bolo jackets. The catch? Corteiz had only 50 jackets to give away, yet hundreds of young people showed up at the allocated place, each carrying puffer jackets from brands such as The North Face, Stussy, Moncler, Supreme and Arc’teryx. This ingenious move not only generated buzz but also allowed Corteiz to seize a portion of the market share through a brilliantly simple yet unconventional strategy.

The real in-person connection with fans

In today's digital age, not many fashion brands organise in-person events like Corteiz's Bolo jacket exchange. These gatherings have something special - they make people feel like they're part of a real community. When hundreds of people come together at one location, united by their passion for a brand, it creates a powerful connection among buyers. Unlike the anonymity of online raffles or giveaways, these events create lasting memories and genuine interactions, making the fashion experience more personal and unique.

Partnership cleverness

Moreover, Corteiz possesses a knack for selecting influential partners to promote their products. They strategically align themselves with celebrities such as Drake, 21 Savage, Jorja Smith, and others whose styles and demographics closely mirror the brand's identity. This partnership strategy, particularly effective for a hype-driven brand like Corteiz, ensures that their products resonate with the fanbases of these high-profile figures, further solidifying their presence in the fashion world.

You can read more about the Corteiz brand and its marketing strategy in this article by Complex Media.

Jacquemus: Redefining Fashion Marketing with Unconventionality

This is similar to what brands like Dior and Gucci do when they exaggerate their products in ads to create a unique look. Important to note is that Jacquemus uses clever technology, like AI or SGI, to make their scenes look incredibly real. It's this innovative tech that helps them achieve such impressive results in their marketing without harming the environment by producing wasteful and unsustainable exaggerated samples of their products used for advertising.

Merging fashion and food

What makes Jacquemus really stand out is their unconventional approach to connecting fashion with food in their campaigns. They transport you to beautiful French countryside scenes and the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. Think of it as a fun story that connects fashion with natural beauty and delicious food, like cherries. Particularly, one of their standout campaigns, known as "The Cherry on Top," is currently being dissected and analysed by a creative director in the video below.

Strategic Alliances

Just like Corteiz, Jacquemus carefully chooses who they work with. They often collaborate with top models like Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and more who are well-known in the beauty and high-fashion world. This helps Jacquemus maintain its reputation as a high-end brand and shows that they stick to their values and image.

Key Takeaways

Focus on Storytelling

Effective storytelling is crucial in both fashion marketing and affiliate marketing. Successful fashion brands excel at creating compelling narratives that resonate with consumers. These stories go beyond just clothing or accessories; they evoke emotions, dreams, and a sense of belonging, creating a deep connection between the brand and its audience. Similarly, in affiliate marketing, storytelling is a tool used by affiliates to engage their audiences effectively. Rather than simply promoting products, you craft narratives around them, sharing personal experiences, benefits, and real-life scenarios. These stories humanise the products and make them relatable, instilling trust and resonating with potential buyers.

Make Use of Technology

Imagine having tools like SGI, 3D modelling, and augmented reality at your fingertips. Just like fashion icon Jacquemus wowed with those giant bag cars in Paris, you too can use tech to supercharge your creativity and craft unforgettable campaigns. The best part? These tools also let you cut waste by creating virtual product experiences. So, affiliates, here's your action plan: embrace tech to elevate your promotions and stand out. It's your time to innovate, be eco-friendly, and leave a lasting impact with marketing that truly shines.

Community Building

Community building is vital in both fashion and affiliate marketing. Think of Corteiz; they've gathered a die-hard fan base by being mysterious and exclusive. Still, there's no one-size-fits-all formula, it’s about discovering what resonates best with your audience. It might be exclusivity, personal connections, or unique experiences. The key is to make your audience feel like they're part of something special.

The Influence of Partnerships

Both Corteiz and Jacquemus are masters at selecting their brand ambassadors and promoters. They understand the importance of aligning with individuals who not only share their brand's values but also resonate strongly with their target audience. These collaborators aren't just promoting products; they're telling stories, forging genuine connections, and sparking real enthusiasm. So, remember, it's the choice of these like-minded partners that can truly elevate your campaigns and make an impact.


By Lilia

April 3, 2023

Digital Marketing

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