Track your click data in our easy-to-use, customisable analytics dashboard

How do we stand out from the crowd? We provide in-depth data on your affiliate link clicks!

All data in one place

Gain valuable insights into your sales data and click metrics by using Clickwire's analytics dashboard. By creating custom affiliate links with our easy one-click generator, you can filter and review your data by any metric you choose, from channel or campaign, to UTM parameters, to unique product attributes that suit your niche.

Get real-time data

Get real-time analytics via our customisable dashboard, with immediate overview of your sales, clicks, revenue, average conversion rate, and more. Compare date ranges and filter by program, channel, and any other metric you like to get an in-depth overview of your affiliate link data.

Sick of not knowing who your audience is?

As our tracking links are automatically internationalized, you can gain data on where your sales are happening, and streamline your marketing campaign for the countries and locales your traffic is coming from.

We track UTM tags as well!

Ad Network Integration If you choose to, you can easily connect your conversion data to ad networks such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Reddit Ads and more. Optimise your ad campaigns directly within your chosen platform!

Boost your sales performance by analysing in-depth data on your affiliate link clicks today!

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