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By Sven

November 29th 2023

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How to effectively use AI for Writing Articles

November 29th 2023

Streamlining your content writing process is a constant concern in today's digital age. Especially with the Google Helpful Content Update from September 2023, where Google reiterated its stance on using AI to help produce content. Google replaced the concept of “written by people” with “helpful content created for people in search results.”

So humans do not need to fully write content for it to be considered helpful according to Google’s helpful content system. Ever since, article writing has become more efficient and effective with the help of AI.


AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, Bard and CoPilot offer a multifaceted approach to enhancing your strategies and content. These tools empower you to identify high-impact keywords that resonate with your target audience.

Moreover, they can generate compelling content ideas by analysing trending topics, competitor content, and user engagement data.

You can also efficiently summarise lengthy articles by distilling key points. The use of AI technology will enhance efficiency, content quality, and online presence as well as help meet the needs of your audience in a creative and precise manner.

  • Example prompt for your keyword research: "Provide a list of high-traffic keywords related to with their search volume."
  • Example prompt for creating your content ideas: "Suggest five content ideas related to based on current trends."
  • Example prompt for summarising your articles: "Summarise this 1,000-word article into 100 words."

Structure and Design

AI technology can streamline the creation of logically structured article outlines, generate outlines based on the main points of your content, particularly when discussing the significance of headings.

They play a pivotal role in blog posts by aiding search engines like Google in comprehending the content, breaking down different sections into reader-friendly paragraphs, acting as navigational signposts for readers to efficiently scan the article, and enhancing overall presentation. Incorporating keywords within headings further bolsters SEO efforts.

  • Example prompt for creating outlines: "Generate an outline for a 2,000-word article on with five main sections."

Moreover, AI can significantly contribute to improving SEO by providing alt text. Indeed, click-through rates and SEO rankings are influenced by page titles and meta descriptions. AI's creative capabilities extend to generating visuals and graphics that complement your content. DALL E, for instance, can produce original images based on a given prompt, which can be created by ChatGPT.

  • Example prompt for page titles, meta descriptions, image alt text: "Generate a catchy page title, meta description, and image alt text for a blog post about ."
  • Example prompt for creating visuals: "Generate an eye-catching infographic that vividly illustrates the numerous , Use vibrant visuals and concise text to convey this valuable information in an engaging and informative manner."


In terms of refining your content, AI tools offer a range of valuable capabilities. You can enrich your vocabulary with AI thesaurus tools by suggesting synonyms and related words. Moreover, AI-based content rewriters can produce fresh versions of your content, bringing your content to a new level of relevance.

  • Example prompt on using synonyms in your article: "Provide synonyms for the word in the context of ."
  • Example prompt for rewriting your article: "Rewrite this paragraph about while retaining the core message and information."

Automatic grammar and spell checkers help detect errors that may go unnoticed during manual proofreading. Furthermore, AI-powered translation tools open doors to broader audiences by seamlessly converting content into multiple languages, expanding your reach and impact.

  1. Example prompt on proofreading your article: "Proofread this article on and suggest corrections for any grammar or spelling mistakes."
  2. Example prompt on translating your article: "Translate this article from English to Spanish."

Support your content creation with AI

Unlock your writing potential with AI! Embrace its efficiency for rapid content creation, its precision for error-free articles, and its creative spark for captivating readers. But more importantly, explore the capabilities of tools like ChatGPT, Bard or CoPilot and benefit from it.

Give it a try and if you don't get the desired outcome with a certain prompt, then you can even ask AI to improve your prompt. Using AI takes little time and commitment, which makes it accessible to everyone!

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