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By bringing all of your affiliate networks and programs into one place, and providing extensive click metrics on your affiliate link conversions, Clickwire is the ultimate affiliate publisher marketing tool designed to help streamline your marketing strategy and accelerate your business.

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Generate internationalized affiliate tracking links with just one click

Internationalized Deeplinks

Our affiliate tracking links are automatically internationalized, which means that not only does your client get directed to the correct geographical partner website, but you can also analyze different audiences from around the world for your marketing strategy.

Add it as a bookmarklet

You can drag our link builder to your bookmarks for simple affiliate linking when you’re on a product page. Simply click on the bookmark and you can immediately create an automatically internationalized affiliate tracking link.

Add attributes

UTM parameters from external sources such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are completely supported. Our deeplink generator also comes with an optional UTM parameter builder, so you can track and analyze your own custom UTM tags as well.

Streamline your links

Fine-tune your deeplinks by removing unnecessary parameters to create seamless tracking links customized to your preferences.

Create custom short domain

Your links are completely customisable! Choose your own custom short domain so that any tracking links you create reflect you and your brand.

Track Your Clicks

Sort through click analytics from your tracking links with our intuitive and customisable dashboard. By measuring key metrics like sales, commission, conversion rates and much more, you can gain valuable real-time insights into your data.

Create and track internationalized affiliate tracking links with just one click

Simply click on our bookmarked link generator when you're on a product page, and you can create an automatically internationalized affiliate marketing link. This ensures your customer will be conveniently directed to their correct geographical partner website, and enables you to refine your marketing strategies for different audiences around the world. By building UTM parameters into the link such as source and medium, you can add your own custom campaign details, including the channel (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Blog) and even product attributes such as brand or model.
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deeplink generator screenshot

Manage all of your affiliate networks and programs in one place

With our Affiliate Program Management Platform, you can easily manage affiliate networks and programs in one place. Within each of your networks, you can manage connected sites, deactivate unwanted ones, and update credentials as needed. Then you can manage affiliate programs by monitoring their connection statuses, and highlight specific programs for instant access to their tracking links. Tracking transactions by network and partner is now effortless, with detailed records for each sale presented in an easy-to-read format.

Keep Track of your clicks with our easy-to-use analytics dashboard

With our intuitive and completely customisable affiliate marketing dashboard, you can easily monitor your affiliate click data with real-time insights on key metrics including sales, clicks, commission, average conversion rate and more. Compare time periods and filter by campaign, tracking link, program, country, product attribute and more to dig deep into your data and streamline your business.
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Pay only for what you use

Start with a 30-day free trial of our Clickwire Affiliate Marketing Tool, then pay a monthly price of €49 plus €0.000531 per click registered by the SAAS platform.

All plans includes:

Unlimited deeplinks
Unlimited affiliate accounts
Unlimited transactions
Comprehensive analytics
And much more...

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Frequently asked questions

How many websites can I connect to Clickwire?

You can connect as many websites as you like to Clickwire, and the total amount of clicks from each website you add will contribute to your overall invoice.

What affiliate networks are compatible with Clickwire?

You can check which affiliate networks are currently connected with Clickwire here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments from VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and AMEX.

How far back can I access my conversion date?

You can access your conversion data from the date you sign up to Clickwire - there is no back-limit.

What metrics do you track?

We provide data on your sales, clicks, commission, average commission, average commission %, CRP (Conversion rate) and EPC (Earnings per click). We also track the status of your payments in a separate financial overview, providing information on open, approved, paid and cancelled transactions.

How do you use cookies?

Clickwire doesn't use any cookies.

Have more questions? Visit our completeFAQpage.
Get started with Clickwire in 3 easy steps

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Start by connecting all your affiliate network accounts to Clickwire so we can process your partnerships and transactions. Don't worry, you can have unlimited accounts!

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Create your first deeplinks through our bookmarklet and start embedding them within your content. We will automatically start tracking your clicks and attribute them to your sales.



You now have a full click data analytics suite at your disposal to finally start analyzing the performance of every single click you generate.

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With our affiliate management software, click tracking analytics and unique deeplink generator, Clickwire is the ultimate tool for affiliate publishers looking to streamline their business.

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